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How does COVID-19 affect charity reporting?

How does COVID-19 affect charity reporting? Charities offer vital support to some of the most vulnerable people in the country, and that support is especially important as we deal with the impacts of coronavirus. But the jobs of many charities have been made much more difficult over this time, as the restrictions on daily life […]



Updates to payroll in 2020

Updates to payroll in 2020 As always, the end of a tax year and the start of the new one has made the start of April a busy period for most of us, with filing deadlines to meet, new tax rules to adjust to, and records to update. This year, things are far from business […]



Government support for businesses

Government support for businesses To assist businesses that are grappling with the ramifications of the COVID-19 “Lockdown”, we have brought together the latest guidance on the support the government is providing. More particularly we have tried to address questions which our clients have been raising about this. We hope that this is of assistance as […]



How will Spring Budget 2020 affect you?

How will Spring Budget 2020 affect you? When Chancellor Rishi Sunak gave his first Budget speech on Wednesday 11 March, many viewers were looking for reassurance that the Government would offer economic support for businesses and individuals during the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier in the day, the Bank of England had already announced its decision to […]



Charity regulation – What you need to know this year

Regulation in the charity sector is always changing, and for people running charities and non-profit organisations, keeping up with the rules can feel like a distraction from their organisation’s real purpose. But regulation plays an essential part in maintaining public trust and support for the sector, and ensuring every charity plays by the rules. In […]