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Charity regulation – What you need to know this year

Regulation in the charity sector is always changing, and for people running charities and non-profit organisations, keeping up with the rules can feel like a distraction from their organisation’s real purpose. But regulation plays an essential part in maintaining public trust and support for the sector, and ensuring every charity plays by the rules. In […]



Claiming gift aid: What are the rules?

Most charities rely on the generosity of their donors to fund the important work they do, whether through fundraising events, sponsorship challenges, collections, or individual donations. The additional relief that’s available through gift aid can make even more of those donations – but the complexity of the system can mean charities often miss out. According […]



Does your charity need an audit?

Charities need to inspire trust. The people who support them, work for them and donate to them do so because they believe in the cause they’re working towards – but they also need to have confidence that the organisation itself is being managed in the right way. One of the most significant ways you can […]



Do you need to send a tax return?

Do you need to send a tax return? There are now just a few months left to prepare and send online self-assessment tax returns for the 2018/19 tax year, before the deadline of midnight on 31 January 2020. Self-assessment is the process of reporting and paying your income tax liability to HMRC at the end […]



Outsourcing payroll

Managing payroll is complicated. You need to make sure you’re deducting the right tax, as well as correctly managing auto-enrolment pension contributions, student loans, benefits in kind, expenses, and so on. All of that needs to be done on time, every month, so that your staff receive the right pay when they expect it. If […]