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Tax Planning

How JCS can offer advanced tax solutions

The truth is that most people simply do not understand the modern taxation system. As a result tax liabilities are simply the result of events that take place, be it working hard, selling an asset, or even death. The tax that has to be paid has frequently not been considered beforehand, and the amount that has to be paid is the result of the action (or lack of it) of the tax payer.

It can sometimes be a revelation when we discuss with our clients the alternatives that may be available in many cases. Notwithstanding the criticism of aggressive tax avoidance, there are plenty of legal and ethical opportunities for a taxpayer to order their affairs in a way which will ensure our clients keep as much of their wealth as possible.

Who are you really working for?

When you are asked how much you earn, you will probably quote your gross income. That’s fine, but is it really all yours? Of course it’s not, at every single period of your working life someone wants a slice and first in the queue is the taxman. If you don’t get it right he will charge you a range of taxes on your income, your spending, on property you own, on transactions you make and when you die – he will tax it all over again.

On average it takes from January – May to pay off the taxman

And it doesn’t end there, next are bills including interest and repayments on any borrowing you have. With borrowing at record levels it can take from June – October to earn enough to meet the repayments. Leaving you with 2 months money for every 12 months you work.


By working with the tax team at JCS you can legally and ethically reduce your tax liability

Tax planning requires looking at scenarios before they arise. There are often various taxes that need to be considered properly, so time is needed to ensure that all aspects of a client’s tax affairs are dealt with thoroughly. If you would prefer to pay less, then talk to us as a matter of urgency about your advanced tax planning options.