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Spring budget changes

This year’s spring budget had relatively few provisions, but the announcement that Class 4 national insurance, paid by self-employed people, will increase has provoked a storm of headlines as well as more nuanced comment.

The argument provided by the Chancellor is that the benefits secured by the different forms of national insurance (Class 1 for employees and directors, and Class 4 for the self-employed) are more closely aligned than had been the case previously. It is certainly true that until 2016 the self-employed accrued much more modest state pension rights, but even now parental and maternity benefits are less generous.

The increase in Class 4 contribution rates will commence in April 2018, just as the tax free dividend allowance decreases from £5,000 to £2,000. This latter change will probably affect those who have owner managed businesses more than any other group, as a significant proportion of profits earned from such businesses are extracted by way of dividend.

In the last few years we have spent a lot of time considering whether or not self-employed clients should incorporate their businesses. In light of the budget proposals, it will be worth reviewing the fiscal models to consider how the proposed changes impact on particular clients.

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Dick Haffenden