About JCS.

Helping you fulfil your purpose

JCS has been working with businesses and charities in the South East of England for almost a century. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about building long-lasting relationships.

There’s a reason we’ve come to specialise in working with charities, medical professionals and innovative, agile businesses. It’s because we’re drawn to people and organisations that are contributing to the communities in which they operate – that have a mission in mind. And because we know those sectors so well, and prove it day after day, they’re drawn to us, too.

Always doing the right thing

Our clients are driven by their values and we aim to live up to their example. Morals, ethics – it’s about making choices of which you can feel proud.

Doing it properly, every time

We carry out our work with focus, care and thought. It’s our job to obsess over details, ask awkward questions and make everything watertight.

In different and better ways

We were among the first firms to embrace cloud accounting software and we’re always positive about innovations in process and technology.

For our clients in their mission

What we do only makes sense because it benefits people and communities, freeing up clients’ time and energy to achieve their ideals and goals.

Proof positive

There’s nothing more powerful than the testimony of peers. That’s why we’ve asked our clients – doctors, dentists, charity leaders and SME owners – to give their honest opinion on working with JCS. Learn about the challenges they faced and how we helped them achieve their goals.

Many hands

JCS’s strength is in its people – an optimistic, energetic collective of accountants, each of whom brings something special to the mix. From experience working with charities or backgrounds in business, there’s someone ready to connect with every client.

Focus on your goals – we’ll handle the rest

Whether you’re motivated by caring for patients, supporting good causes or creating jobs, you don’t have time to waste effort on paperwork and bureaucracy.  That’s why we’re here – to get it done quickly, easily, on time and accurate.

Our services

From essential accountancy functions such as bookkeeping and management accounts to authoritative tax and business advice, find out how JCS can help you.