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Inheritance tax planning in London, Sutton and Surrey

It is a natural desire to want your financial legacy to make a lasting and positive difference after you have gone. How can you ensure that this happens when you are no longer here to keep control? Inheritance tax is often misunderstood and is also an unwelcome intrusion in such plans.

Ensuring your wealth is used as you intended

Over many years our clients have looked to us to ensure that their objectives are achieved. Whatever your circumstances, our team will have trodden a similar road with our clients previously. We can share this experience to help navigate the path through the possible options, the legal documents required, and the tax traps that need to be negotiated.

Estate planning you can trust

We provide both practical and thoughtful advice to achieve your objectives combined with a working knowledge of the tax reliefs available to minimise the tax burden along the way. For many clients this will involve us taking time to understand their family circumstances and life mission, and then agreeing on a path which will achieve what is required.

When the time comes, we are able to provide advice to executors over the practicalities of Probate, and assist with the Inheritance Tax returns required.

You can contact our friendly and knowledgeable inheritance tax accountant team to find out how we can make sure that your wealth is used the way you want it to be.

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