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We offer to all clients, regardless of their size and circumstances, a high level of support and personal service. Every client is allocated to a particular director within the firm who has a detailed knowledge of their clients’ affairs and sphere of operation so that they can offer relevant and practical advice on specific problems. You should always be able to reach a senior person rapidly whenever you feel the need.

We have over 120 audit clients as well as providing many other assurance services such as Independent Examinations. Our clients span a variety of sectors that give us the breadth of experience to give real value to you.

All this for a fixed fee that won’t start spiralling out of control. 

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We know that an audit can be daunting or frustrating for some organisations.

Our team can guide you through the process with clarity and care. 

“This is now the ninth year that JCS has completed our audit, annual report and accounts. The support and expertise they provide allows us complete confidence and peace of mind in the work they undertake. The friendly members of staff and the excellent relationship we enjoy with the partner dealing with the audit mean that we would recommend this firm to charities, businesses and individuals looking for a first-class service.”

Paul Scott-Evans, Trustee
Carshalton Beeches Baptist Free Church

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