Outsourcing payroll

January 24, 2023

Managing payroll is complicated. You need to make sure you’re deducting the right tax, as well as correctly managing auto-enrolment pension contributions, student loans, benefits in kind, expenses, and so on.

All of that needs to be done on time, every month, so that your staff receive the right pay when they expect it.

If you don’t have several years of experience running payroll, or hours of free time to spend on it, outsourcing it is often the best option when you’re running a small business.

Why outsource?

Reduce errors

Mistakes on your payroll system can be time-consuming to fix and frustrating for employees. In the worst cases, late or inaccurate filing could result in penalties from HMRC.

By outsourcing, you can carry on with running your business knowing payroll is in the hands of trained, experienced professionals.

Save money

For small businesses, outsourcing can often be much more cost-efficient than employing and training a payroll professional in-house.

By letting us handle your payroll you’ll also save the cost of buying and running specialist software.

Save time

By freeing up the time you or your staff would otherwise have spent on payroll, you can make more resources available for the core areas of your business.

What to look for in a payroll provider

Track record: Ask us about our experience working with businesses similar to yours. You could also check our Google Reviews for the opinions of our clients

Security: This is one of the most important things to consider, as it’s essential that your employees’ confidential data is safe and secure. The software we use is the latest from Iris and encompasses many security features. Data is backed up daily to the cloud and employee data is communicated using our secure encrypted portal.

Communication: Because payroll is such a time-sensitive task, communication is key to keep it running smoothly. We will explain everything clearly and respond promptly to your questions.

Flexibility: As your business grows, your payroll needs will change, so it makes sense to choose a payroll service that can scale with you. As an accountancy practice, we can manage more complex tasks and adapt to your expanding workforce.

Additional services: Payroll is often bundled with additional employment advice, which can be a valuable resource to have. Get the best possible value out of your payroll setup by asking us what we can offer on top of our standard services.

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As part of our payroll service, we’ll help you set up and register your payroll for PAYE, as well as calculating payments, producing and sending payslips and reports, and managing all communications with HMRC.

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