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Rowland Brothers Funeral Directors


Rowland Brothers Funeral Directors are a family run business. Running their weekly payroll inhouse was a drain on their resources including paying employees by cash or cheque. They had operated this way for years, even as the business grew in size. They felt that making sure the correct payments were made to their employees was one of the most basic requirements for their employees to feel valued and safe within their jobs.


We met with them to carefully plan how we could take on the payroll processing as well as successfully transition them to a monthly payroll paid into a bank accounts for all employees. It was important we succeeded to keep the confidence of the employees. The client and their employees were happy with the changes implemented and wished it had been done earlier.

Continuous support

Several years later we have continued to work with them to streamline their monthly payroll. We have provided them with a spreadsheet to efficiently and accurately record their payroll input data. The HR Manager knows our work is reliable and we are happy to provide advice when needed. We now upload the salary payments to their bank account ready for authorisation. We upload their monthly data to their pension provider. During the COVID 19 crisis we offered real-time advice on furloughing employees and claimed the grants available from HMRC for them at the earliest opportunity.

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