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The Cornelius Trust and the Armed Forces Christian Union


The Cornelius Trust and the Armed Forces Christian Union were negotiating to purchase a new headquarters near Aldershot. They wanted to ensure that any VAT costs were minimised so that their charitable funds were utilised as much as possible on the property and its refurbishment. Their accountant referred them to us for VAT advice, having seen the helpful and expert way we had advised others in the past.


We were able to analyse the options available in a clear and concise way which enabled the trustees to act in real time to secure the deal. No VAT was due and therefore all the funds available were able to be invested in the new property and getting it ready for the charitable activity. They wrote to thank us and said “That is not only a very well constructed Report covering the three options but leads us to a very satisfactory conclusion. Thank you for all you have done to make this possible.”

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